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The first Annual Meeting of IPS is prepared for organization at Jember.


During his stayed as visiting researcher at Osaka University, Bambang Sugiharto who is member of the advisory board of IPS, met with Yuji Goto, President of Asia Pacific Protein Association (APPA). Through this interaction, IPS joined APPA.


At the event of “ASEAN Biochemistry Seminar and Workshop organized by UNAIR at Surabaya on February 6th, 2006, the Head Committee of the event, Ni Nyoman Tri Puspaningsih facilitated special meeting for the formal establishment of IPS.

The first executive committee of IPS was established.

The logo of IPS was created by Ali Rohman.


Arief Budi Witarto in his presentation at the “3rd Conference on Industrial Enzyme and Biotechnology”, organized by BPPT at Jakarta on October 7th, 2003, announced the foundation of IPS for the first time.  Below, is the slide used at the time (in Indonesian).

The idea for the foundation of IPS came out from the discussion with Maggy Thenawidjaja Suhartono. She gave the name “Indonesian Protein Society”. As written in the slide above, the aims of IPS were 1) To stimulate protein research in Indonesia into more diverse topics and deeper investigations, 2) To be the vehicle for sharing of information on protein research from different aspects, 3) To spread information on protein in life and application for public, and 4) To foster cooperation with any institutions in Indonesia and abroad to achieve the above goals. At this time, formal organization has not been created. Instead, socialization was prioritized to gain understanding from stake holders, especially researchers.

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